Certified Food & Beverage Executive (CFBE)

The Certified Food and Beverage Executive (CFBE®) is the most prestigious certification available to a food and beverage executive. It identifies the recipient as part of an elite group of hospitality professionals who by combining education and experience with dedication to the industry have achieved a high level of expertise. Globally recognized, the CFBE® is a highly respected professional credential that validates your advanced knowledge in the hospitality industry. It is an honor awarded to food and beverage professionals whose leadership and managerial abilities are exemplary. Achieving the CFBE® certification announces that you have a place among the best in your profession, are abreast of current trends and latest hospitality protocols; and serves as leverage in current and future career opportunities.

Application Procedure

  • Submit completed application along with required documentation listed on the application.
  • Application for the must be approved by AHLEI prior to attending the workshop.
  • MAHTEC will notify applicants’ status of application prior to workshop date.


Qualifying Candidate

Executive-level or management-level in food and beverage or culinary operations.


Candidate time in position: 1-year, OR:

  • One current AHLEI management , department head, or executive certification takes 6 months off time requirement (limit 1)
  • Degree from an accredited academic institution will take 6 months off time requirement (limit 1)



Course Outline

  • Managing Food Operations
    To analyse the principles and procedures involved in managing a profitable and service awarding food operations.
  • Managing Beverage Operations
    To analyse the principles and procedures involved in managing a profitable and service awarding beverage operations.
  • Marketing & Sales Management
    To describe the perspectives and apply the updated marketing and sales knowledge cum information into today’s challenging food and beverage operations.
  • Financial Management
    To justify and execute the importance of financial planning and evaluating into the day-to-day of the food and beverage division operations.
  • Leadership
    To integrate the various functions of the sub-departments within the Food and beverage division to accomplish of common tasks to achieve organization goals.
  • Human Resource Management
    Integrate the various functions of the managing employees within the Food and beverage division as a human resources administrator.


Registration starts at 8.30 am on the first day. Classes start at 9 am end 5 pm. Morning and lunch break will be served at appropriate times. Exam will be held on the last day.

Deposit & Payment

Full fees are required upon submission of application. Fee includes: CFBE® Exam Preparation Booklet, Resource Materials CD, Exam; Certificate and Lapel Pin upon successful completion of the Exam.


Once CFBE® participant prerequisites have been approved by AHLEI, no applicant transfer, substitute, or cancellation are allowed.

Disclaimer: MAHTEC reserves the right to make changes to the venue, date, speaker including cancellation of the workshop if warranted by circumstances beyond its control.