This program introduces participants to the basic understanding of Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).  The concept and application of HACCP relating to food safety, hygiene and sanitation.

Incorporating the source of food contamination and its control as a core components and the fundamental of HACCP elements.

The modules are designed and structured to highlight the key points and the practical application of management tools and method applicable through imparting the content of the theoretical knowledge, skills and team working at work place.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:-

  • Understand what is HACCP and how its mechanism could help the food outlet produce safe food.
  • Explain and know the basic application of HACCP.
  • Know and understand the importance of HACCP to food and beverage industry.
  • Understand the factors that contributes to food hazards and the preventive measures.
  • Obtain knowledge on the occurrence of hazards at all steps of food production processes.
  • Know and understand the impact on how food borne illness affecting food serving industry.
  • Aware of the do’s and don’t in relations to hygiene and sanitation and continuously adhere to the rules and regulations.
  • Imparting a good practice of personal hygiene and what are the bad habits.
  • Eliminating the culture of ignorance in dealing with food safety.   



Course Outline

Hygiene & Sanitation in Food and Catering Industry

  • What is Hygiene and Food Hygiene?
  • Personal Hygiene in relation to Food
  • Food Safety – Achieving Food Safety Objectives
  • The role of Management
  • Food Handler’s Responsibility
  • Pest Control and Preventions
  • Sanitation in Food and Beverage
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Good Housekeeping Practices.

Source of Food Contamination and It’s Control

  • Source of Contamination
  • Food Borne Hazards – The Occurrences and Severity
  • Bacterial Food Poisoning
  • Severity of Food Poisoning
  • Impact of Food Poisoning Cases
  • Identifying Sources of Food Contamination (Exercise)

HACCP Introduction to Prequisite Program

  • Introduction to GCP (Good Catering Practices)
  • HACCP Prerequisite
  • Importance of Prerequisites

Getting to Know HACCP

  • What is HACCP? (The Origin and Development)
  • Understanding the Basic Requirement
  • How does HACCP works?
  • Advantage of HACCP Certification
  • Explanation on HACCP Principles
  • Application on Principle

Who Should Attend

The program is specially designed for individuals who are in a supervisory position and above.


Registration starts at 8.30 am on the first day. Classes start at 9 am end 5 pm. Morning and lunch break will be served at appropriate times.

Deposit & Payment

In order to secure the said training on a define basis, kindly effect 50% Deposit on the total costs for the training requirements upon confirmation. This deposit is non-refundable. Balance 50% of the total costs is require seven (7) days prior to the training.

Cancellation & Transfer

Please note that should this registration is cancelled fourteen (14) days before the day of the training, a 50% cancellation charge will be imposed. If cancellation is made seven (7) days before the training, full payment of the training will be levied. Please note that amendments can only be made to above arrangement by giving a minimum of three (3) working days’ notice.

Disclaimer – MAHTEC reserves the right to make changes to the venue, date, speaker including cancellation or postponement of the workshop if number of participants less than 10 or warranted by circumstances beyond its control.