MAHTEC Online Training Program 2020: After Dawn – Sales Preparation Post Crisis 

Date :24 – 25 June 2020

Venue :Webinar Platform

Trainer :Mr Eugene Dass

Participant :4 participants

  • To understand your position during a crisis.
  • To learn how you and the market is expected to react when in uncertain times.
  • To learn how the 5 areas of focus can be capitalized on –Customers, Overheads, Vision, Innovation, Digital.
  • To understand what to expect after a crisis in the perspective of the customers, management and government policies.
  • To understand if the application of the 5ps is still applicable and how to revamp it so that short , mid and long term goals can be achievable.
  • To understand how some market decisions are not within your control and how to maximise on controllable ones.
  • To understand the importance of cancellation and postponement management and how to avoid further leakages.
  • To learn and understand the importance of following up with alternatives for all quotation that’s been sent out.
  • To learn the IMF in setting your strategy – Trust Building, Domestic Tourism, Auditing your Digital platforms and Implementing
  • Flexibility in Cancellation policies.
  • To understand your conventional and digital strategies to tap the market.