Mr Dasan Thanam Divean

Trainer’s Profile

Dasan Thanam Divean has 19 years Customer Service, Operations and Training experiences. He obtained a Degree in Business Administration from PSB Academy, Singapore and pursued his MBA with State University New York. Dasan is also a certified Service Desk Analyst endorsed by ITSMExperts which is recognized internationally. He held various positions in top companies such as Southern Bank Berhad, DiGi Telecommunication, ASTRO, Maxis Telecommunication, Automobili

Motorsport Sdn Bhd, SBS Transit Pte Ltd, Rail Division, Singapore, Advanced Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd and mainly had conducted various training programs.

He had equipped with vast knowledge and he is keen in developing people. His skills and contributions had been noticed by Singapore government and he was awarded with Singapore National Excellence Award in 2007. Dasan had been given the opportunity to hold permanent residence status in Singapore since year 2001. With his exposure, he is competent to facilitate Professional Learning in many area concern.

Dasan had extensively involved in training for the past years associating with other training providers, which include Clerical Development, Teambuilding, Time Management, Performance Management and Appraisal, eveloping KPI, Office Administration, Positive Working Attitude, Self- Motivation Train the Trainer, Presentation Skills. “I Am At Your Service” is a customized and one of the most effective, power-pack and beneficial customer service workshop that is suitable to be attended by employees, group of societies, publics and students of all levels.

Dasan is a HRDF accredited corporate trainer and his trainings are taimed to make difference, and the simple techniques he imparts are designed to make an immediate impact one participants return to work. His desire as a trainer makes his working life become more varied and challenging that he could ever imagined. He is also a Professional Learning Facilitator practitioner and his work has ranged enormously which involves design, delivery, and facilitation, coaching and mentoring.

Anyone who is familiar with Dasan will know that training is not just another job for him-it’s his passion. He conducts his training with rich results oriented content, engaging activities and humour. He is known for communicating with a zest and energy that is highly contagious.