Pn Siti Rohani

Trainer’s Profile

Puan Siti Rohani Ahmad has been involved in training, coaching and consulting for more than 15 years. She has worked as a Human Resources Leader both in operational and strategic levels in various industries like the Banking, Multinational Manufacturing Company and the Hospitality Industry. She holds her first degree from a local University (UITM) and have obtained a series of certifications whilst pursuing her career.
Siti Rohani has been certified by Institute of Personal Development UK in 1995 and by Professor Kam-hon Lee of Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 2005.
Siti Rohani has also the following certification added to her credentials:- Certification of Human Resources Management from MIHRM, Certified Trainer for Leadership Skills from Development Dimension International(DDI), Certified Human Resources Executive(CHRE) from American Hotel & Lodging Association and Certified Hospitality Trainer(CHT) from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.
Siti Rohani obtain exemption from PSMB as Certified Trainer (as attached). She is a natural speaker who humbly deliver her thoughts and experience through the programs. She demonstrates utmost respect, inspires confidence and genuine interest in every of her participants. She is dynamic and motivates her crowd with ease
Siti Rohani Ahmad was also certified as a Master Facilitator for a number of Service Culture Programs for a leading International Chain Hotel and has certified more than 100 trainers in the Hotel Group. She specializes in communication, Leadership Development and Culture Management.
Today, she is sought for her capabilities in inspiring her audience and transforming them into better managers and leaders