Story of MAHTEC

More Than Just Academics

Our Consultants And Trainers Are Industry Experts

MAHTEC offers a wide range of services to our clients, all with the ultimate aim of ensuring that they are receiving the best quality and value from their services. Our identity is driven by principles. We believe that solid teamwork is built around the blending of skill-sets, the passion for the work and the belief that the services and products are the best available in the industry. The team is responsive, creative, flexible, practical, experienced and hardworking. MAHTEC believes in adherence to client service goals. There is a genuine concern for the achievement of these goals and for the development of the individuals charged with the care of these projects.

History of MAHTEC

The Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Center (MAHTEC) is owned and managed by the Malaysian Association of Hotels. As the training arm of the Association, MAHTEC is committed towards Human Resource Development and strongly believes that investment in human resource is the key factor for growth, sustainability, productivity and profitability in the Malaysian hospitality industry. In line with the organization’s vision in striving towards service excellence, MAHTEC has embarked on a range of training programs and workshop designed exclusively for the industry.

MAHTEC was officially incorporated with Registrar of Companies in 1995. MAHTEC’s first¬†office was set up at Menara How Par, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Afterwards in 2001, MAHTEC had moved to its new permanent office at WISMA MAH, One Ampang Avenue. To date, MAHTEC has two main training program such as American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) with both Diploma in Hospitality Management and certificate(s) level as well as our public program(s) to serve the needs of industry.