Training Calendar 2019


Professional CertificateCertified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®)28 – 29[Read More]
Public ProgramHospitality English08 – 09[Read More]
Public ProgramHousekeeping Supervisory Skills 15 – 16[Read More]
Public ProgramDomestic Inquiry29 – 30[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Trainer18 – 22[Read More]
Public ProgramFood & Beverage Cost Control18 – 19[Read More]
Public ProgramSupervisory Mgmt. Development20 – 21[Read More]
Public ProgramRevenue Management26 – 27[Read More]
Public ProgramHalal Internal Audit26 – 28[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Supervisor11 – 15[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hotel Administrator (CHA®)18 – 22[Read More]
Public ProgramCertificate in Housekeeping Management06 – 08[Read More]
Public ProgramFinance for Non Finance Executive18 – 19[Read More]
Public ProgramTurning Complaint into Compliment25 – 26[Read More]
Public ProgramTurning Complaint into Compliment27– 28[Read More]
Public ProgramOSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Act26 – 27[Read More]
Public ProgramEmotional Intelligence – The Game Changer28 – 29[Read More]
Professional Certificate Certified Guest Service Professional 15 – 19 [Read More]
Public Program Income Audit 11 – 12 [Read More]
Public Program Handling Online Review 17 – 18 [Read More]
Public Program Understanding Tourism Attractions Surrounding your Hotel 24 – 25 [Read More]
Public Program Uncompromising Security Standard 29 – 30 [Read More]
Public ProgramChanging Mindset for Service Excellence02 – 03[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Revenue Manager13 – 17[Read More]
Public ProgramEtiquette and Protocol09 – 10[Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Sales & Marketing29 – 30[Read More]
MAHTEC Certificate Certificate in Restaurant Marketing 05 – 07 [Read More]
Public Program Hospitality English 12 – 13 [Read More]
Professional Certificate Certified Hospitality Supervisor 17 – 21 [Read More]
Public Program Supervisory Mgmt. Development 18 – 19 [Read More]
MAHTEC Certificate Certificate in Front Office Operations 19 – 20 [Read More]
MAHTEC Certificate Certificate in Housekeeping Management 26 – 28 [Read More]
Public Program Domestic Inquiry 26 – 27 [Read More]
Public Program Emotional Intelligence – The Game Changer 27 – 28 [Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Kitchen Operation02 – 04[Read More]
Public ProgramOSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Act03 – 04[Read More]
Public ProgramFood & Beverage Cost Control10 – 11[Read More]
Public ProgramRevenue Management16 – 17[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hotel Administrator22 – 26[Read More]
Public ProgramUnderstanding Tourism Attractions Surrounding your Hotel24 – 25[Read More]
Public ProgramFood Safety Management System30 – 31[Read More]
Public ProgramGuest Room Cleaning Procedures01 – 02[Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Food & Beverage Management14 – 15[Read More]
Public ProgramDigital Marketing19 – 20[Read More]
Public ProgramUncompromising Security Standard20 – 21[Read More]
Public ProgramEmotional Intelligence – The Game Changer 20 – 21[Read More]
Public ProgramFood & Beverage Service Skills 21 – 22[Read More]
Public ProgramUnderstanding the Labour Laws and the Process of Disciplinary Action 02 – 03[Read More]
Public ProgramIncome Audit04 – 05[Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Hospitality – Leadership & Supervision04 – 06[Read More]
Public ProgramTo be a Great Host11 – 12[Read More]
Public ProgramHotel Operation, Acquisition and Costing 18 – 19[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Room Division Executive23 – 27[Read More]
Public ProgramFood Safety Management System02 – 03[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Guest Service Professional07 – 08[Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Event Management09 – 10[Read More]
Public ProgramBasic Business Mandarin09 – 10[Read More]
Public ProgramExcellent Hospitality Services15 – 16[Read More]
Public ProgramHousekeeping Supervisory Skills22 – 23[Read More]
Public ProgramChanging Mind Set for Service Excellence05 – 06[Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Human Resource Management06 – 08[Read More]
Public ProgramRevenue Management 11 – 12[Read More]
Public ProgramFloral Designing & Arrangement Management 13 – 14[Read More]
Public ProgramOSHA – Occupational Safety & Healthy Act18 – 19[Read More]
Public ProgramUncompromising Security Standards20 – 21[Read More]
Public ProgramStrategic Planning and Mgmt. for Dept. Head25 – 26[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertification in Hotel Industry Analytics26 – 27[Read More]
Public ProgramRevenue Management03 – 04[Read More]
MAHTEC CertificateCertificate in Housekeeping Management03 – 04[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Food and Beverage Executive16 – 20[Read More]
Public ProgramEtiquette and Protocol18 – 19[Read More]