Training Calendar 2018


Public ProgramCustomer Services Excellence08 – 09[Read More]
Public ProgramManagement and Leadership in the Hospitality Industry10 – 11[Read More]
Public ProgramFood and Beverage Cost Control 12 – 13[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Front Desk Representative (CRDE)19 – 23[Read More]
Public ProgramTurning Complaints to Compliments 05 – 06[Read More]
Public ProgramIncome Audit 07 – 08[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Trainer 19 – 23[Read More]
Public ProgramThe Excellent Hospitality Services 26 – 27[Read More]
Public ProgramUnderstanding Housekeeping Operations 02 – 03[Read More]
Public ProgramHandling Online Reviews 04 – 05[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive 19 – 13[Read More]
Public ProgramLaundry & Linen Room Operations and Management 23 – 25[Read More]
Public ProgramFood Safety Management System in Food Industry07 – 09[Read More]
Public ProgramBe A Great Host09 – 10[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hotel Administrator21 – 25[Read More]
Public ProgramDomestic Inquiry18 – 19[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Guest Room Attendant18 – 22[Read More]
Public ProgramEmpathy Greatest of All20 – 21[Read More]
Public ProgramThe Professional Room Attendant25 – 26[Read More]
Public ProgramEffective Communication at Work for Hoteliers27 – 28[Read More]
Public ProgramUnderstanding of Wine09 – 10[Read More]
Public ProgramThe Art of Managing People11 – 12[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Supervisor23 – 27[Read More]
Public ProgramThe Professional Supervisor01 – 02[Read More]
Public ProgramFinance for Non-Finance Executive06 – 07[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Hospitality Revenue Manager06 – 10[Read More]
Public ProgramHospitality English08 – 09[Read More]
Public ProgramFood and Beverage Service Skills27 – 28[Read More]
Public ProgramCompetency Based Behavioural Interviewing03 – 04[Read More]
Public ProgramSafety Awareness for Housekeeping Associates12 – 13[Read More]
Public ProgramManaging Employee Discipline and Performance19 – 20[Read More]
Public ProgramCritical Interviewing & Deception Detection24 – 25[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Food & Beverage Executive24 – 28[Read More]
Public ProgramManaging Difficult Employee01 – 02[Read More]
Public ProgramDeveloping & Reviewing an Effective Human Resources Policy & Procedure22 – 23[Read More]
Public ProgramBasic Business Mandarin22 – 25[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Guest Service Professional22 – 26[Read More]
Public ProgramProfessional Upselling for Food Service29 – 30[Read More]
Public ProgramPremium Business Mandarin in Customer Services08 – 09[Read More]
HMDHospitality Today: An Introduction12 – 16[Read More]
Public ProgramEffective Performance Review & Feedback28 – 29[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertified Room Division Executive26 – 30[Read More]
Public ProgramHousekeeping Supervisory Skills28 – 29[Read More]
HMDManaging Housekeeping Operations03 – 07[Read More]
Public ProgramRevenue Management12 – 14[Read More]
Professional CertificateCertification in Hotel Industry Analytics18 – 19[Read More]