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The Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Center (MAHTEC) is owned and managed by the Malaysian Association of Hotels. As the training arm of the Association, MAHTEC is committed towards Human Resource Development and strongly believes that investment in human resource is the key factor for growth, sustainability, productivity and profitability in the Malaysian hospitality industry. In line with the organization’s vision in striving towards service excellence, MAHTEC has embarked on a range of training programs and workshops designed exclusively for the industry

The hospitality industry is a dynamic and multi-layered world of its own, and preparing your staff for the challenges it brings is essential. With MAHTEC ongoing training regimen, your people will have the knowledge and attitude to take your business far. We’ve designed our programs in line with the industry needs and to equip you with strong communication, technical and administrative skills, as well as fundamental knowledge of hotel operations including food & beverage, housekeeping, front office, kitchen and the general operations.

List of Programs

1Integrated Pest Management & Control[Read More]
2Environmental Management System[Read More]
3Fire Life Safety Requirement and Equipment readiness[Read More]
4Uncompromising security standards[Read More]
5Fundamentals of fire Protection Systems[Read More]
6Occupational Safety & Health Management for Hospitality[Read More]
7Risk assessment, evaluation and control measure[Read More]
8Safety Awareness for Housekeeping Associates[Read More]
9Understanding Body Language for Enhanced Service Competencies at Hotel[Read More]
1Food Safety Management System in Food Industry[Read More]
2Fine Dining[Read More]
3Food & Beverage Management[Read More]
4Food & Beverage Ramadhan Marketing Plan[Read More]
5Food and Beverage Cost Control[Read More]
6Food and Beverage Service Skills[Read More]
7Food Safety Management System – Basics in establishing the trend[Read More]
8Understanding of Wine[Read More]
9Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)[Read More]
1Be A Great Host[Read More]
2Empathy Greatest of All[Read More]
3Handling Online Review[Read More]
4Turning Complaints to Compliments[Read More]
5I Am the Guest Service Experience[Read More]
6Changing Mindset for Service Excellence[Read More]
Understanding Tourism Attractions Surrounding Your Hotel
[Read More]
8The Excellent Hospitality Services[Read More]
9Delighting Our Guest[Read More]
10Professional Appearance, Etiquette and Grooming for Business Success[Read More]
1Effective Performance Review and Feedback[Read More]
2Developing and Reviewing an Effective Human Resource Policy and Procedure[Read More]
3Competency Based Behavioural Interviewing[Read More]
4Conducting Effective Interview[Read More]
5Domestic Inquiry[Read More]
6Managing Difficult Employee[Read More]
7Managing Employee Discipline and Performance[Read More]
8Performance Monitoring[Read More]
9Critical Interviewing & Deception Detection[Read More]
10Talent Management for HR & Training Managers[Read More]
11Personal Mastery for Effective Execution[Read More]
12Detecting Deception in an Investigation[Read More]
13Understanding the Malaysian Labour Laws and The Process of Disciplinary Action[Read More]
14Managing Misconduct, Discipline and Domestic Inquiry Process [Read More]
15Performance Management System (PMS)[Read More]
16Effective Record Management[Read More]


1Managing Finance – Process[Read More]
2Goods & Service Tax GST – treatment and updates[Read More]
3Contract and Procurement[Read More]
4Finance for Non-Finance Executive/Manager[Read More]
5Hotel Operation, Acquisition and Costing [Read More]
6Yield / Revenue Management [Read More]
7Understanding Revenue Management Applications[Read More]
1Client Management Through Creative Selling[Read More]
2Account Management & Client Retention[Read More]
3OTA Control & Maximizing Sales Results[Read More]
4MLPD – Marketing Leadership Development Program[Read More]
5Negotiating & Overcoming Objections[Read More]
6Professional Upselling for Food Service[Read More]
7Marketing Management[Read More]
8Digital Marketing[Read More]
9Handling Mass Comm / Social Media[Read More]
1Halal Internal Auditing[Read More]
2Income Audit[Read More]
1Hospitality English[Read More]
2Effective Communication at Work for Hoteliers[Read More]
3Etiquette and Protocol[Read More]
4Basic Business Mandarin I[Read More]
5Premium Business Mandarin in Customer Service[Read More]
6Concept of Communication[Read More]
7English for Business Communication[Read More]
8Premium Business Mandarin in Business Etiquette[Read More]
9Basic Business Mandarin II[Read More]
10Basic Business Mandarin III[Read More]
1Emotional Intelligence – The Game Changer[Read More]
2Emotional Intelligence – TGC Leadership Management Team[Read More]
3Managing Time[Read More]
4Team Up[Read More]
5Leadership Principles and Applications[Read More]
6Management and Leadership in The Hospitality Industry[Read More]
7Managing People for Greater Productivity[Read More]
8Strategic Planning & Management for Department Head[Read More]
9Supervisor The Linkin Pin[Read More]
10The Art of Managing People[Read More]
11The Professional Supervisor[Read More]
12Train The Trainer[Read More]
13Effective Public Area Management[Read More]
14Hospitality Leadership and Supervision[Read More]
15Crisis Management and Business Continuity[Read More]
16Integrated Pest Management & Control[Read More]
17Supervisory Management Development[Read More]
18Crisis Management Only for Hotels[Read More]
19Leadership for Executive[Read More]
20KAIZEN 55 Best in Class[Read More]
21Event and Protocol Management[Read More]
1Understanding Housekeeping Operations[Read More]
2The Professional Room Attendant[Read More]
3Laundry Management & Valet Service[Read More]
4Guest Room Cleaning Procedure[Read More]
5Floral Designing & Arrangement Management[Read More]
6Housekeeping Supervisory Skills[Read More]
7Laundry & Linen Room Operations and Management[Read More]
8Housekeeping Operations and Management[Read More]